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Java is dead. Long live Java!

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Sun Microsystems announced today that it would release Java as open-source under a GPL license. This allows developers to view, fix and expand the Java platform and do so freely as long as the changes are published. This news injects new life into an already thriving platform (see installation base figures below).
In fact considering how successful Java already is, where can it go that it hasn’t gone before? I looked into the Betterdot crystal ball, ;), and this is what I saw… Expect a transition from “Java Anywhere” to “Java Everywhere”. Expect Java in just about all embedded devices from kiosks to mobile devices. Expect most enterprise software to be written in Java or come with a Java API (most likely complemented by a web service back end). The Java ecosystems of free, high-quality enterprise grade applications will continue to grow over the next 24 months with the help of large commercial software vendors like IBM and Sun backing up open source software. Open source is a) good software and b) big business. For companies who have a vested investment in the platform this a very good news and an assurance of continued returns on the Java investment. For others considering core technologies for upcoming development, this is a compelling argument to consider the Java platform.

As a end note, let’s look at the installation base for Java today (figures obtained from Sun Microsystems).

Java is currently installed on:

800 million desktops
1.2 billion phones
1.65 billion smart cards
5 million downloads of Java technology for the enterprise


Written by Compliantia

November 13, 2006 at 1:59 pm

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