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The Command Line is Back!

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Today Mozilla announced “Ubiquity”, a browser command line and open API.

Users rejoice! Search don’t browse. Type don’t click. Sounds familiar? It should. Search engines like Google are essentially command line interfaces. Command lines are coming to a browser near you. Getting to and interacting with web site content should get easier and faster.

Developers rejoice! The command line is back. Get what you need, quickly. Doesn’t exist? Build it. It’s an open API.

Happy users. Happy developers. And they say you can’t make everyone happy… Mozilla Ubiquity is a bold new approach to a decade old usability question: how to empower users and let them interact with systems with the least amount of effort and guesswork. We look forward to Ubiquity’s ubiquitous adoption.

Written by Compliant IA

August 27, 2008 at 12:54 pm