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Hiring Technical Talent in Tough Economic Times

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Reading headlines recently, it is easy to forget that many companies and industries are actually hiring technical talent at this time.   Betterdot’s clients are actually doing quite well, or so it seems.  One client, a retailer in the food service industry, is doing brisk business selling affordable meal options to cash-conscious customers.  Another client, a health care provider, still needs to provide essential services to Ontarians.  Yet another client, a major financial organization, has demonstrated a commitment to invest and inovate through this recession.    With more people looking for work, one would think there are more good candidates available thus making the hiring process easier.    That just isn’t the case.   Economic uncertainty works in mysterious ways.   Solid talent, people who take initiative, communicate, deliver and meet deadlines, are staying put. Now is not the time to job hunt and jump ship.   These outperformers  are also the last ones to be let go.  Other individuals, who are either less commited, have a lower productivity or just don’t perform on par with their peers, are often the ones being let go when budgets are cut.  Hard times trigger organizations to seek efficiencies, to do more with less and to run a tight ship.  Anyone who doesn’t fully engage himself/herself runs the risk of being deemed superfluous.  So while there is bound to be strong individuals currently looking for work, this is by no means certain, nor are they easy to find.    Organizations will need to commit extra efforts in screening candidates (and checking references) to ensure the individual fits the times and will be a good long term fit.  Which brings me to the following, somewhat shameless, plug: if you are struggling to find the right candidate, talk to us.  Discovering and working with strong technical talent is an important part of our business.  


Written by Compliantia

December 24, 2008 at 4:30 pm

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