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Drag and Drop This Opportunity!

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Betterdot is currently engineering a web-based enterprise scheduler.  While we take pride in the “back-end” (the technology stack consists of Spring, Hibernate and the Drools business rules engine), it’s the “front-end” that is likely to generate the most excitement.  Want to create an event?  Click on a day cell, a box (div) comes up and greys out the background which remains visible, the user enters the event information and clicks Save.  Voila!  Want to reschedule the event?  Sure you can click on it, but that’s so old school…  Why not drag and drop it to another day cell instead?   Once complex and expensive to integrate, newer faster browsers and helper libraries have placed drag and drop and other AJAX functions within the  reach of most organizations and budgets.   The libraries are mature, easy to use as well as open-source and free.  Deploying them wisely on your customer-facing web properties and enterprise applications will likely boost the user experience, drive your sales and increase your productivity.  Drag and drop that on your bottom line!

Written by Compliant IA

March 25, 2009 at 3:39 am

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